WAN Circuit, Router Installation & Cutover Case Study

WAN Circuit, Router Installation & Cutover Case Study

Kinettix Case Study - Wan Circuit, Router Installation & Cutover

Kinettix was engaged to assist a grocery store company with over 159 stores across 20 states. The Customer specializes in offering fresh, organic produce as well as health coaching services.

The Customer had previously hired another vendor to complete a WAN circuit, router installation and cutover. However, this vendor had more than 50% first-visit failure rate and a significant number of technician no-shows. The Customer needed a more reliable partner who could help them efficiently and successfully complete this project.

This case study outlines how Kinettix completed this project.

Download it to see:
  • The complete project schedule
  • Detailed team resources and responsibilities
  • Logistics provided by Kinettix

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