Download the Kinettix LATAM Field Services Case Study


A representative of a U.S. based Managed Services Provider called Kinettix LATAM Country Manager, Willebaldo Carmona, in a panic. His company had been hired by a large automobile manufacturer to fit out their new Saltillo-based assembly plant in the Mexican state of Coahuila. The MSP had hired a local vendor to install 65 access points throughout the factory, but the work was shoddy and incomplete. 


The MSP now faced the daunting task of fixing the poor work and properly installing all of the access points with only a month until the scheduled opening of the plant. 

This case study outlines how Kinettix's LATAM Country Manager completed this project in the allotted time.


Download it to learn:

  • The project completion strategy
  • Detailed team resources and responsibilities
  • Logistics provided by Kinettix